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General situation within Phoukhyo Specific Economic Zone

Phoukhyo Specific Economic Zone has the total area of 4,850 ha located between the four junctions of two strategic roads such as Road No.13 south and Road No.12 is the first priority can facilitate on goods transportation to the sea port which granted by Vietnamese Government   to Lao Government in use, it is the shortest road only 300 km by from Lao - Thai Border toward Lao - Vietnamese Border only 150km and from Lao  Vietnamese Border toward the sea port only 150km. On the date 11 / 11 / 2011 Lao Government  and Thai Government will jointly official opening the third friendship bridge and in the future Lao Government has the plan to construct the ASEAN railway station which far from Phoukhyo Economic Zone about 3 km with the aim transporting goods to the sea.

Beside the southern international Road  No.13  , From Wattay International Airport (Vientiane Capital), 350 Km, Frienship Mekong Bridge Lao-Thai (Kham mouane), 14 K, Centre of Thakhek actual City , 5 Km, Lao-Vietnam Border by Road No.12 , 145 Km, Voung Anh-deep Sea Port Vietnam by Road No.12, 300 km, Airport, Friendship Mekong bridge Lao-Thai (Savanmakhet), 130 Km, Lao – Kampuchea Border Port by Southern Road No.13, 450 Km, NaKonephanom Airport (Thailand), 20 Km, Lao-Vietnam Border by Road No: 8 , 200 Km, Lao-Vietnam Border by International Road No.9 ,299 Km

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